Thursday, March 6, 2014

Not just a team, but a family!

March 6th, 2013

Today the team went to the original work site and finished our part of the house. Jessica and Lauren worked on hanging up blinds through out the house, while Jaryth and Emily put tile down in the master bathroom. Becka, Steph, and Gina finished the wood flooring in the living room. Stephanie and Kate helped tape up the hardwood floor to keep it protected during the process of moving cabinets.

After our lunch break the team was able to meet with a habitat for humanity home owner, Deborah, and hear her story. She went into detail about the process of applying for and being accepted into a habitat home and talked of how grateful she was for being able to live in one of their homes and look to those involved with habitat as a family. While tiling the bathroom, Jaryth and Emily worked with a man named David who was very inspiring and gave a breath of fresh air to everyone working. He seemed to really support everyone and want to hear every single persons story and future plans after college. David showed the team how a true habitat for humanity worker should act and how amazing it is to know those you are working with.

After working at the house the team went out shopping in the town and stocked up on some Clemson gear to bring home and help us to remember our time here. Following our small shopping spree we were blessed with an amazing dinner provided by the First Baptist Church of Clemson college youth team. The food was absolutely amazing and so was the company. We were able to split up and talk to some of the college students involved in the youth group and their youth pastor.

 The kids from the area were kind and welcoming at dinner. Everyone had a good time learning about the college kids from the area and learning about fun local places to go. One of the members from the youth group was even kind enough to invite our group to a young adults service at Clemson University. After dinner, a few of the team members were able to participate in a worship service with the church youth group, involving singing and a sermon. A couple of the team members followed the church's college students to the Clemson young adults service. It was packed with many people and a full worship band and sound system. The night ended with watching the Hunger Games and reminiscing about our day.

-Lauren and Emily

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