Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Half Day Off!

March 4, 2013

Today we only had a half day of work! We were originally supposed to have our half day off on Thursday, but because there was supposed to be bad weather, our affiliate was nice enough to switch it to today!

We spent the morning working on the house that we worked on yesterday, finishing up some of the flooring. We met a new crew today, but they were all just as helpful as the day before. We were working on the floors in the living room, but ran into some difficulty with measurements. Brian, one of the workers, told us that this would be a good stopping point and told us we could go home an hour early if we didn't mind.

That extra hour gave us plenty of time to stop at Ihop to celebrate National Pancake Day with a free short stack of pancakes!

We all relaxed on the thirty minute car ride to Greenville, South Carolina where we spent the rest of our day off. Our first stop, Gravitopoia! This was like a trampoline world! The whole room was covered with trampolines. We then headed to our next stop, downtown. Here, we wandered around and enjoyed many shops. We enjoyed the many coffee shops, clothing stores, and specialty shops where we were able to taste test some interesting food!

As a group, we enjoyed some delicious pizza from Bellachino's!

Afterwards, we ventured back to First Baptist Church in Clemson. A few minutes later, we went to Fike Recreation Center in Clemson University to shower.  The rest of the night was spent relaxing, playing basketball, and enjoying each other's company.


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