Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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March 3, 2014

Day 2 in Clemson, SC, but first day of work.  We arrived at the job site at 8:00am after driving around the Habitat complex for 10 minutes lost.  In the wet and rainy weather, we were happy to be inside once we got there, but we had to climb through the bright red mud and up a ladder since the stairs had not yet been put in.

Nancy and Pastor Chris were there to welcome us and get us started on our first day.  We also met the Monday and Wednesday work crew, which included Brian and Tom, both of whom were extremely helpful in teaching us the ropes.  Our first job was to clean and prep the floors by scraping them, sweeping them, and vacuuming them, so we could start putting down the hardwood.  In order to breathe, we had to wear white face masks and they encouraged us all to wear safety goggles so our eyes were protected from all of the dust.

Once the house was cleaned out, we were given a tutorial on how to put down the floors.  The rest of the day was filled with hammering and sliding the new hardwood floors into place.  

Over lunch, Nancy told us about the history behind Habitat for Humanity in Pickens County and some of the families they have worked with in the past.  She told us that the house we're working on doesn't yet have an owner, which is rare for Habitat homes, but because it was a homecoming house they built it anyway.  A homecoming house is a house that Habitat works on during homecoming at Clemson University.  After the week of homecoming, the house, in its entirety (which includes everything up to the drywall of the house), is picked up and moved to its permanent location.  

At 4:00pm, our work day was over.  We returned to the Clemson First Baptist Church where we were staying and grabbed our shower stuff.  We then headed over to Clemson University's FIKE Recreation Center where we are able to take our showers for the week.  We're grateful for being able to use such a nice facility to scrub off the dust from our hard days work.

We then headed over to Wendy's where owner, Steve Simoneaux, met us and was kind enough to tell us to order anything we wanted, on him.  We all enjoyed our dinners and ate way more than we should have.

By the end of the day, we were happy to return to the Church, settle in, watch a movie and give each other much needed back massages before finally calling it a night!

-B&G (Becka and Gina)

Red dust, new floors,
there have yet to be any doors,
ate food, hit the hay
and here we reveal the soup of the day:

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